The TV wants us all to die.


Have you watched the History channel lately? Personally, I love watching ‘Ice Road Truckers’. It’s kind of like watching a car wreck though. I spend the entire episode thinking “these guys are seriously insane,” yet I can’t resist watching. Things like that make me question my own sanity but that’s probably an issue for another post. Anyway, the channel has been previewing this new show and just the concept is a little beyond creepy. The new show is called “Life After People” and it’s supposed to show us what the world as we know it today will be like when we all die off. Yes, we’re dead and plants and animals have taken over. We’re apparently supposed to watch and be amazed according to the show tagline, but I think it’s a little lost on me.

Before you say it, I get that it’s supposed to be educational and interesting but I also think it’s freaky. The entire show is to constantly remind us that we will all just die one day and the world will be left completely human-less. Then animals and plants take over our buildings and eat our cats and dogs (yes, the show actually says this!) Can we get anymore depressing then this for a TV show? Honestly, why would I want to watch a show that is telling me, “Uh, when you and every human go extinct the tiger at the zoo will escape and eat your dog.” Great. Now the species that’s on the brink of extinction is going to kill our little furry friends that we love and cherish. Screw you history channel. I really don’t need to think about this.

This is a perfect example where ignorance is bliss and I’m totally all for it. I know I won’t be around forever and I’ve more or less accepted that. I still expect someone to take care of my little fur-babies when I kick the bucket though. How do you prepare your 10 pound dog to survive a world where a tiger is kicking it in its backyard? Someone needs to come up with some serious doggy/tiger defense classes or something.

This is how the show sees our world literally falling apart.

Two weeks after people: Animals will break out of the zoo desperate for food. This is where our poor little fur-babies become lunch.

One month after people: Los Angeles will dry up from lack of water supply that we won’t be there to control. Because we’re dead.

One month after people: Washington D.C. floods because we’re too dead to keep the water at bay.

Six months after people: Mosquitoes have taken over the world. Kind of glad I’m not around for that.

Ten years after people: Los Angeles burns to the ground. Fan-freaking-tastic.

One thousand years after people: The eastern coast is now one with the ocean. Anyone care for a swim? Oh never mind, YOU’RE DEAD!

Basically, if you’ve seen the movie ‘I Am Legend’, it’s kind of like that. Except there’s no flesh eating zombies and no Will Smith to admire. Other then that, it’s a perfect example of what our Earth will become when we all mysteriously die at the same exact moment, according to this seriously depressing show. I only watched the movie for Will Smith, so since he’s not in the show to do shirtless pull-ups then I’m going to have to pass.

If you have some weird obsession with humans going extinct and monkeys, elephants and ivy plants ruling the world then be my guest. I, on the other hand am content with the thought that when I die there will be people around to care for all the Fidos and Fluffys of the world.

Now excuse me while I go watch The Golden Girls.


Logical Libby said...
June 1, 2009 at 9:17 AM

Yeah, I watched that show. And then I drank a bottle of tequila to forget I had watched it.

Dawn said...
June 1, 2009 at 11:28 AM

HAHAHA! I have not seen the show, but somehow I think I might get sucked in if I did. Why do we do that to ourselves?
My son loves Ice Road Truckers... I really don't find that show even remotely entertaining. I mean, the first time I was like "wow that's cool they drive over ice"... but after that there is really no entertainment value whatsoever.

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