Some products should never be made, ever.


Quick, what’s your favorite smell? Is it a flower? Something baking? Or maybe even the smell of a brand new car? Whatever it is, have you ever wished you could bottle it and be able to enjoy the scent whenever the urge struck you? Well, apparently someone who seriously had way too much time on their hands had a similar wish. Except their favorite smell wasn’t so innocent. Instead of something everyone would enjoy like cookies baking or the way a freshly bathed baby smells, they went a whole different route. A weird one. One that never should have happened.

I give you Vulva original-Vaginal Scent. I sort of feel the need to apologize for this right here but hey, you know how crazy this blog can get. At first I thought this was perfume made for the vagina which had me really confused since the idea of spraying alcohol based products on my vagina sounds painful and really pointless. But then I started to read the product description and went from really confused to a whole new level of “what the fuck?!” It’s not perfume at all. It’s not even made for the vagina. It’s actually a liquid that’s made to smell exactly like an aroused woman. Yes, you read that right. Someone went out and made a product that is meant to mimic the scent of a vagina. I don’t get it either.

According to the site they went through “years of extensive research and testing,” before making the final product for all to enjoy. They even gave the bottle a roll-on top which really just makes it that much more weird. The description goes on to say that after applying it to the back of your hand (yeah I’m sure that’s the only place people put it – eye roll) to sit back and enjoy. Are people really this desperate? Is there really a market for this kind of thing? Actually, I don’t really want to know the answer to this question since I’m probably better off not knowing. I also would have been better off not knowing about this product but since I now know, so do you.

You’re welcome.

I'm still alive and I'm coming back!


I abandoned you. I disappeared without notice for over 3 months. You could hate me and refuse to read anything I post and be perfectly reasonable. Except I hope that you’ll come back anyway. Because I love you. I love each and every person that spends some of their precious time reading my randomness. I’ve missed the writing and I’ve missed you, the readers. Even if you haven’t missed me too, I hope you return anyway. Please take me back?

I wish I could say I was off saving the world as my excuse for being missing in action. Like helping orphans or maybe rescuing animals! Instead, my only reason is we were super busy. Not much of an explanation is it? Life just showed up and took us for a speed ride and we were left playing catch up. Like playing cleanup crew at my Mom’s after the massive Rhode Island flood and then getting our house ready for a couple family members moving in since the flooding made their previous home unlivable. Sadly this wonderful blog was tossed in the back of the closet like an old sweater and is only now being pulled back out for fresh start. I’ve missed it.

So now that life has returned to some form of normal I’m back and ready to go! So many moments have come along that had me saying, “I could blog about that!” Clearly I never really got out of the habit of thinking about what to write even though I wasn’t here to do it. This time around will more or less be the same except for one thing. I’ve decided to leave the ‘Moronic Monday’ segments in hiding for a while. I want to bring my blog back to how it started with just pure random posts whenever they strike, instead of a schedule. Maybe I’ll bring it back later once I get going again, but for now lets just say it’s on vacation. I can let you guys be the real decider on that one!

I hope you forgive me for my absence and decide to return as my wonderful readers! I’ve still been reading all my favorite blogs but haven’t been commenting all that much. I’ll pick up on that more too, I promise!

It feels good to be back! I’m sure we’ll continue to have fun just as we did before.


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