It’s only impressive in my mind; to my husband it’s shockingly pathetic.


For whatever reason I consistently suck at pretty much any game I play. Sometimes I’ll eventually get to the “okay” level and that’s usually an accomplishment for me. I still enjoy playing them I’m just not any good. So basically, I’m not the person you want to take to Vegas or have on your team for strip poker, because you’ll lose. I suck at video games the most so I just don’t play them very often. I’m still obsessed with my Nintendo DS though mostly because it’s pink, but it’s addicting even though I suck. I’m often handing it over to my husband to finish a level for me that I played 50 times and can’t get through. About 5 seconds later he hands it back finished and with a high score. I think it’s in men’s DNA to be good at video games.

Like some kind of cruel punishment I inflict on myself, I keep going back to one game on It’s called Bubble Spinner and it’s the simplest game ever made but weirdly addicting. I play it whenever I’m bored even though I get frustrated playing because I just flat out suck. I constantly end up with the little balls ramming into the side and have to start over. I had a break through today though. I somehow magically made it to level two! I didn’t even KNOW there was a level two until I got there. I thought if you ever managed to get rid of all the balls it was over. When it came up that I moved on I was like “HEY! Guess what?! I just made it to level 2 on the bubble game thing!” My husband looked at me from across the room where he was kicking ass on some Playstation game and said, “You’ve never done that before?” His face was all like ‘wow, that’s pathetic’. He didn’t say that but I know that’s what he was thinking. I was like, “No. I didn’t even know there was another level until just now. I thought it just went on forever or just ended.” He just looked at me in shock and I was like, “Why? Have you?”Honestly, I should have never asked because he was like, “Uh, yeah. I’ve gone as high as level 3.” Well, fine then!

I was proud of my level two accomplishment because honestly, that’s a big thing when you weren’t even aware you could get that far. So, yay for me! He did say ‘good job’ to be all supportive but now I’m like trying to make it past level three if there’s such a thing just so I can be like “HA!” It probably won’t happen because I don’t have the patience for the silly little rainbow balls. Plus, the game isn’t very enthusiastic when you beat a level. It just says “2x” in the corner and gives you a new set of balls to beat. That’s it! It should sing a song or have fireworks go off when you beat a level. Something that’s like, ‘Good job for not sucking!’ I told my husband this and just laughed at me but I’m serious. Like a virtual pat on the bank. Kind of like the way solitaire does the bouncing card piles at the end. Maybe the balls should explode or bounce all over the screen in between each level. I’m probably thinking about this way too much.

But at least when a game is kicking my ass I don’t get all mad and blame the games like men do! I know I suck. I just stop playing and then I’ve won in the long run because a game can’t beat you if it’s unplugged or turned off!


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