Things that are frustrating the hell out of me!


1. That it’s been over a week and a half since my last post and I really have no good reason why. I’ve had material to write about and the time but for some reason I just couldn’t get my brain to write anything. Is there such a thing as “blogger’s block?” I’m back though and I’m going to kick my own ass if I do this again.

2. Are you one the gazillions of people on Twitter? I’m not! It drives me crazy how much I hear about Twitter. It’s freaking everywhere and I’m convinced it’s trying to haunt me. Everyone has an account even if they have no followers they actually know and have nothing important/interesting to “twit” or “twat” about, or whatever the hell it’s called. I can’t even watch the news without them telling me to follow them on Twitter. Why the hell would I do that?! It’s depressing enough watching the news with all the dead bodies and swine flu trying to kill us all, so why would I want that following me all day on freaking Twitter? Some little blue bird telling me that swine flu is like down the street and read to pounce on me in my sleep. So basically, I refuse to use Twitter. That little bird can bite me.

3. The fact that it’s now been four weeks since the offer we have in on a short sale house was sent to the bank for approval. I know they take time but it’s just frustrating wanting your house and having to wait for someone you don’t know to decide for you. We beat out the other offers on the house but the bank can still rip it away for whatever reason they want. Actually, they don’t even have to give a reason! So they can be all dictator-ish like, “You can’t have the house because we feel like denying you! HA HA HA! Suffer peons, suffer!” That’s what banks say all the time.

4. My hip apparently no longer wants to be my hip. I feel like a 90 year old woman who needs a hip replacement, except I’m in my 20s which is pretty pathetic. It’s like some evil invisible person is stabbing me in the hip as I walk. It’s only my left one and it was completely fine most of the day but hit around 4pm. So my choices are to either become a statue or never get off the couch. Since I’m not a big fan of bed pans I have to suffer and hobble my way to the bathroom. Just consider me a penguin for now. Someone get the fish.

5. My refrigerator pees! Three times it has built up ice in the bottom of the freezer under the panel and water drips into the fridge part and creates a super fun puddle. Sometimes, the puddle even freezes. It doesn’t leak out onto the floor thankfully, but basically it has relieving issues that won’t go away. So I get to call maintenance AGAIN to fix the damn thing AGAIN! I hate having them come in here. They’re nice but I hate having strange people come into my space. Plus once I call they will come in whether we’re here or not, and I find it crazy creepy that strangers can be in your home when you’re not there. Maybe that’s just me but I think it’s insane. Ah, the joys of apartment living.

6. That I’m so frustrated by so many things lately. Ok, this probably shouldn’t be on the list but it is something I find very frustrating. It’s kind of like a crazy never-ending cycle; I’m frustrated that I’m frustrated about things, so it just goes around and around. Did I mention it’s frustrating?

The next post will be a better one. Maybe a funny story or something. I’m too frustrated right now to decide.


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