Moronic Monday – The Wii is more powerful than drugs.

Florida police recently taught drug dealers around the world an important lesson in case they ever find themselves in the midst of a drug raid. Always have a working Nintendo Wii around. Oh and it helps to have Wii bowling on hand as well, they apparently can’t resist that. It totally renders them useless at their job.

The sad thing is this actually worked and the drug dealer involved didn’t even try. Florida drug enforcement officers had been watching this man for a while and even went undercover. After working on making their case they got their magical warrant and descended on the dealer’s home. I basically picture them going in all SWAT team like, just the way we see it the movies. You know, more or less. I think the thought process went a little something like this, “FREEZE! Keep your hands up. You’re under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. .. Hey, a Wii! Here, hold my gun I gotta try this! Yes! I got a strike man!” Or however they talk. The funniest (and saddest) thing about this was it wasn’t just one cop that had an attention problem, but a whole group of them joined in instead of doing their actual job, you know the find and pack up the drug evidence part. Hello?! It’s like they saw the Wii game and completely forgot why they burst into the house with their guns and vests on in the first place. Maybe this is how they normally dress to go bowling.

Best part of all though, the guy they were supposed to be making a case against was paranoid (well, duh). He had cameras set up inside his house and they were recording the entire time. So not only did this idiotic group of cops play a video came instead of actually doing their little raid but it was all caught on camera. Of course the video made it online and I have it for you to watch below.

Did you happen to notice one of the officers jumping very excitedly after a good shot? Can you believe this person was doing this inside a wanted drug dealer’s house when they were supposed to be bagging evidence? Did you also happen to hear that the raid took 9 hours to complete because they were so busy bowling? They literally played for hours! Some reports even said some of the officers would be in the middle of cataloging evidence then put it down to take their turn at the game. I heard a saying once, “If both hands are involved in something, then your brain should be too.” Maybe they should have that printed on their t-shirts and vests instead of Florida PD. Oh, did I mention their epic long drug raid/police bowling contest cost the city $4,000 to complete? Yeah, those tax payers are thrilled.

The kicker though is that they never actually found any drugs in the house, instead they confiscated guns, TVs, video cameras and the computer the footage above was stored on. Of course you would expect that the superiors to these officers would have immediately denounced their behavior right? Well, no not exactly. The county sheriff called the bust, “brilliant police work”. Maybe he meant the bowling scores and not the actual raid. I guess we can only hope.

A story that was just too perfect for the new Moronic Mondays. Maybe next week the coast guard will go for a leisurely swim instead of patrolling the waters.


jessicabold said...
September 28, 2009 at 5:24 PM

You want to believe stuff like that doesn't SO WANT TO BELIEVE...

And then there's that video.

No faith in those who are supposed to protect me. None. Zero.

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