A woman selling her house threatened to hunt us down and possibly put a curse on us.

Anyone who has read some of my earlier posts knows we’re housing hunting right now and have been since the beginning of this year. We’ve seen tons of homes and even put offers in on a few only to be rejected in competition. So much for a slow market when we’ve been in a bidding war on every single house! Right now we’re trying to buy a short sale and it’s been in the limbo stage for almost 3 months and it’s really testing my patience and sanity level. Even though we’re waiting for an answer we have still been actively hunting in case anything better comes up which so far hasn’t happened.

If you’ve ever bought a house and looked at a bunch then you know you meet some interesting people. Most of the time we don’t even see the people selling the house but a few times they sit in one room and wait as we walk through. Can we say AWKWARD? No one wants to walk through and judge someone else’s house with them sitting/standing right there watching and waiting. It feels weird. I prefer when it’s just us and our agent that way we can speak freely and express different concerns without feeling strange. Yesterday was an exception though. We met the mother of all horrible sellers!

We had an appointment to see a house that’s been on the market for quite a while and now I totally get why. We showed up on time and the woman was still there. Most people are gone well before we arrive but she purposely waited for us to pull up with our agent. She then came out and was rude right from the start. We stayed aside and let our agent talk with her and she was just nasty. The first thing she said was do not lock the kitchen door to the breezeway or else! I have your plates so I’ll be able to find you if you do.” The tone she said this in it was clear she was dead serious. I was floored and just looked at my husband in awe. Our agent stayed friendly and gave her his card and assured her that we wouldn’t touch the door. She then handed him a sheet of rules she wrote up about looking at her house. Totally not normal! Right before she pulled away she sharply demanded she be called when we were finished as she was only planning on going for coffee. So right off the bad we felt like we were on a tight time limit or something.

Once she was gone we entered the house and the weird things continued. The first thing we noticed was the door connecting the breezeway to the garage was locked and barricaded with a chair. We assumed there must be a dog in there so we knocked to see if a dog would react before opening the door. Everything was silent so we carefully removed the chair and peered inside. There was nothing but a couch and a work bench full of tools. Was she afraid the couch would grab a hammer and attack her? Who knows? We even checked the garage door to see if it wasn’t secure but it was completely solid and locked. It made no sense at all. We just put it back the way it was so she didn’t have a fit. I then noticed something written on the wall right above the door in the breezeway to the outside. It said, “20+C+M+B+06”. I kind of dismissed it assuming it was one of those ‘we were here’ things that kids do.

As we continued through the house we realized why it wasn’t selling. Every room needed serious updating and desperately. When we went into the living room the odd writing was there again. It was on the wall right above the front door. The room had clearly been recently painted so why would someone write over fresh paint is beyond me. It said the same exact thing as the other door, “20+C+M+B+06”. I have no idea what this means! It was above each door that led to the outside. My husband made a joke that it was a spell or curse or something. It was funny but not at the same time with how crazy this woman appeared to be. After finishing our walkthrough we realized this wasn’t the house for us and prepared to leave. Our agent called her to let her know we were finished just as she requested. About 3 or 4 minutes later she called our agent back to ask if we were going to buy the house. Seriously! After it was explained it just wasn’t the right fit she actually got mad. She made a comment about us wasting her time and making her leave her house for no reason! By that point we were eager to leave before she returned and had a hysterical fit! I honestly feel bad for her listing agent. I could never deal with this woman.

Clearly she’s upset about selling her home and I can understand that but I would never treat someone that way, especially potential buyers for my home. The whole thing was just weird. The home isn’t going to sell at her price. She’s way over priced for the condition of the home plus if she keeps treating people this way she will never sell. She just instantly turns people off. You almost expect her to be the kind of person to still show up even after she sells. No buyer wants that!

If anyone has any clue what the writing on the wall was I would love to know! Also if you know how to reverse a possible curse/spell that would be great too. You know, just in case!


The Peach Tart said...
July 15, 2009 at 8:44 AM

That's pretty whacked.

Kimberly said...
July 15, 2009 at 3:58 PM

Hate it for you, for the experience, but that is an awesome story. Would make awesome reality TV.

Koolio said...
July 16, 2009 at 5:55 AM

You're a better person than I. If some woman came out of her house and greeted me that way, I would have turned and left without giving her anymore of my time.

I can't tell you what that "code" is but you're right...it sounds suspiciously like a spell/curse. She's probably not just into Satanism but she is Satan, lol.

TrodoMcCracken said...
July 16, 2009 at 5:08 PM

I think all of you guys are judging this lady far too harshly. Obviously that code is some type of mathematical equation that would bring about the rebirth of all dinosaurs and once she refits them with lazers and those type of extendable grabber claws for old people, you'll all be doomed.

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