My local mall is taking inspiration from an Amsterdam brothel.


This isn't what I saw. Just an example.

Have you been to your local mall recently? I went to a few around here in the last few weeks and learned something new. I’ve learned that a certain store is taking inspiration from a brothel. I know that sounds very odd but work with me here. I won’t say the same of the store but let’s just say its name is a wet ocean animal with flippers. These animals often balance a ball on their nose. Get it now? Anyway, the store itself is fine and the clothing is okay if it’s your style but that’s not my issue. My issue is they now have teenage girls and young adult women standing in their display windows to model their clothing. They just stand there in silence, usually two or three at a time. I’m sorry but seeing these girls standing behind glass is just weird!

I get that they’re trying to show shoppers what their clothes look like on real people instead of manikins but it’s just too awkward. All it reminds me of is those brothels with the prostitutes sitting on display for people to pick from. I know that’s a very odd jump but I for some reason go there in my mind. Not that I hang out in brothels or anything. As you walk by you can see people staring at them in disbelief so I’m not the only one who finds it surprising. The thing that really kills me is that many times the girls are pretty young. Some don’t even look at least 16 years old! I don’t know how long they have to stand in there or anything but I’d be surprised if many parents are okay with it, who knows they might not even know what the job exactly is. I’m not a mother yet but I know I wouldn’t want my teenage daughter on display like that.

Couldn’t they just have the clothing models walk around the store in their clothes to give customers a real life example instead of putting them in the display window? I would find that much less weird.

Am I totally off base here or do any of you find this completely weird too? If you had a teenage daughter would you let her take this job?


Phil said...
July 24, 2009 at 10:17 PM

You're right. Those live models always freak me out, especially when they stand there frozen pretending to be mannequins. Now the brothel said Amsterdam?

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