Spring sprung a leak and I'm totally not happy about it.


Do you ever get the feeling that Mother Nature is trying to screw with you? I do and many would say that means I’m clinically insane but it doesn’t change the fact that this spring season has been like one non-stop rain storm. Winter totally sucked and I was all like “I can’t wait for spring”. Now spring is here and it brought the monsoon season along with it. I know the whole ‘April showers bring May flowers’ crap but come on, how much rain do the flowers really need anyway? A few good showers and we’re done right? At least in my world it would be. No one would want to live there though because it would probably turn out to be a desert if I had any control over when it rains. But hey, I would be dry!

It’s not like it’s the nice gentle rain that doesn’t get in your way either. No, it’s the lets screw up peoples day kind of rain. The almost black skies with whistling wind and sheets of rain all damn day, and I don’t even live in the tornado section of the country! Actually here, the word tornado and dangerous thunder storms are totally the other part of the country’s problem. We get thunder and lighting but it lasts a whole ten minutes and you don’t even get the good bone rattling ones everyone is waiting for. Instead it just rains day after day and just a cloudy sky is considered “nice”. I might be crazy (ok, forget the ‘might be’) but a day where you see nothing but clouds and the sun is a distant memory doesn’t count as a nice day in my book, but hey my world is a desert, remember? So what do I know?

Maybe I wouldn’t hate the rain so much if I could actually use my totally cute bright pink umbrella more often, but I can’t. Rain here means wind so using your umbrella is like saying you think it looks better inside out! I think mine is just far too cute to let that happen so it stays dry in my purse while I bitch and moan about being wet.

New rule, it can only rain at night (even though that would probably screw a lot of things up).


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