Order a junior cheeseburger at Wendy's and they might give you a bun with no meat!


Am I asking too much to expect people who work at Wendy’s to actually know what belongs with what on their menu? Is that being all crazy with my demands and should I just shut up and eat? I’m going with no, but I think I’m totally biased in this situation. They are my taste buds though and my stomach that’s involved so I kind of feel like I have a right (well, in this situation it’s not really my stomach but that’s not really important).

So I love Wendy’s food way more then I should and it’s totally bad for me, but it’s yummy and it’s kind of right near my apartment. I love their chicken tenders or nuggets or whatever their name is and dipped in the honey mustard sauce is heaven. Ok, I just made myself hungry and crave Wendy’s. Great. Anyway, even though the food is yummy they totally don’t know their own menu very well. I mean they look at it all damn day so you would think they would have a pretty good handle on it, but nope. Here’s a perfect example and it’s happened more then one time to my husband.

Him: “I would like a junior cheese burger with a large fry.”

Cashier: “Ok. That will be $3.00”

– (Or whatever it would cost – I’m not usually there)

He pays and they make the food. Now a junior cheeseburger is very simple. It includes the following:


Sounds simple enough but when he opens the bag he finds a bacon cheeseburger instead. These include everything listed above with the additions of:


Clearly these do not belong on a junior cheeseburger so he returns to the counter and has the following (maddening) conversation.

Him: “This is not what I ordered. I asked for a junior cheeseburger and you gave me a bacon cheeseburger.”

Cashier: “Oh. Um. Well, what did you want again?”

Him: “A junior cheeseburger.”

Cashier: “Do you have your receipt?”

Him: “I was just in here. You saw me; I literally just left less then two minutes ago.” But he hands over the receipt anyway.

Cashier: “Well your receipt says bacon cheeseburger, so that’s what you got.”

Him: “Then you put it in wrong because I ordered a junior cheeseburger, I don’t even like bacon! I just want what I ordered.”

Cashier: “Well, do you want me to just take the bacon off?”

Him: “NO! I want a junior cheeseburger the way it should be. Let me see your manager.”

Manager: “What’s the problem here? What did he order?”

Cashier: “His receipt says bacon cheeseburger but he says he wanted a junior cheeseburger.”

Manager: “So just give him the junior cheeseburger.”

It was literally beyond the cashier’s comprehension to just replace the burger with the correct order. It’s really not that complicated. The sad thing is this wasn’t even the worst experience he had. One time they gave him a bacon cheeseburger instead of a junior cheeseburger. He returned it and they made a new one. When he opened it up it was a burger without the meat! They literally gave him a bun with cheese, ketchup, mustard, onion and a pickle and only that! He was floored and asked what it was supposed to be and their response was, “it’s a meatless burger.” Talk about a serious oxymoron! He then had to argue with them again that he didn’t want a bun with a bunch of toppings; he wanted the meat actually in the bun! They were just like, “well we thought you wanted one without the meat.” What would be the point?! Honestly. He did finally get the correct burger by the way, after he had to detail to them exactly what comes on their own menu.

He’s actually in an active boycott of the Wendy’s near his work because he thinks they’re too incompetent since they can’t make the simplest burger on their menu. Once they even gave him a chicken sandwich instead of a burger. That’s not even from the same animal!

So I think the people who work at Wendy’s and all fast food places need to study their menu much more. When they can’t tell the difference between a bacon cheeseburger, a junior cheeseburger and a chicken sandwich, there’s a serious problem somewhere!

They need to go back to preschool and play with one of those sound toys that say “a cow says moo, a pig says oink...” Maybe that should be part of their training process at Wendy’s!


Attila The Mom said...
May 10, 2009 at 7:45 AM

Oh my gosh. I think our husbands have matching Wendy's karma.

Every single time---and I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME Hubby has picked up dinner at Wendy's, one part of his order is missing---whether it be fries, nuggests, or even the sandwich.

The most obvious move would be to count the items in the bag before exiting the drive-thru (thus removing the need to drive back down the mountain to get it or spend the next hour listening to him bitch and moan), but that is apparently not manly.

And yes, on two occasions, we have actually received burgers that had no meat. LOL

Enjoying your blog!

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