Moronic Monday – Where should you hide your cell phone? In your butt crack of course!


(Yes I know it’s now Wednesday but I forgot to come back to actually publish it. I thought I had scheduled it for Monday but I never set it. I’m a horrible blogger. So lets just pretend it's the right day and we can all be happy.)

So I never feel the need to hide my cell phone. Being an adult probably has something to do with that but even in school I never really hid it. Unless tossing it in my purses counts as hiding which I don’t since that’s still where it lives to this day.

However rules are a bit stricter now in schools and many try to ban cell phones all together. Except that wasn’t even the case in this story. This school had normal cell phone usage rules. The rule was ‘no talking or text messaging on cell phones during classes’. Can we get anymore simple then that? This was still beyond what a 14 year old girl could comprehend though because she insisted on texting while her teacher was trying to give the lesson. And when I say insisted, I mean she continued to text even after the teacher repeatedly told her to put the phone away. She just did what she wanted and ignored her instructor. Not all that shocking to me and you’re probably wondering why this was even a news story.

After the student continued sending her texts to whoever the teacher sent her to the principal’s office. It was there that the principal demanded her phone be confiscated. The only problem was she now claimed to not have a cell phone at all. Clearly he didn’t believe her so he decided to call her parents to report her misbehavior. It was up until this moment that the school was doing everything right. Then they took a weird turn. The first mistake was asking the student herself for the number to contact her parents. Uh what? Not once, not twice but multiple times the young girl gave incorrect phone numbers yet the principal continued to rely on her for the contact information. Is he stupid or just plain lazy? Since when does a school not have parent/guardian contact information on file for emergencies and situations like this? Doesn’t that happen like the first day of school? Why didn’t he just look the damn numbers up instead of playing the girls game? Idiot!


Anyway, that’s not what this whole thing was about. After failing to get the real phone number for her parents (and never bothering to look them up himself) he then decided to take the whole thing to a new level. He called the police. No, I don’t mean he called the on campus security. He called the actual police in their city. All because she was texting on her phone and refused to tell him what she did with it. Since when is not listening to your teacher about a cell phone an actual crime for the police to handle? Also, since when do police actually respond to such a call?

For a minute I thought perhaps the police thought they were being called for a serious crime and the school failed to mention it was a cell phone text related issue. Then I came across the part where the officers that showed up were just as wacked as the principal. When they arrived they actually decided to search the student. FOR A CELL PHONE! They didn’t just go through her bag and locker; no they actually searched her physical person. That’s when they found the cell phone. Stuffed in her ass crack. Why in the world she decided to hide it there and how she walked around as if everything was normal is beyond me. I guess she assumed they would never look there and honestly I wouldn’t have thought they would either.

Can you guess what they did next? Give her detention? No. Actually call her parents? Nope. They arrested her. A 14 year old girl was arrested for texting in class and refusing to hand the phone over to the teacher or principal. She was charged with disorderly conduct and suspended from school for a week. Can we say huge over-reaction? I get you have to be tough with kids and they need to follow the rules, but come on! She was texting on her phone in class. She was being a brat and didn’t listen to the teacher. How is this different from any other day in any high school in the country? So kick her out of class. Suspend her for a day or two for going against school policy. Having her body searched and then arrested and charged for doing something that never put anyone in any danger is just flat out insane.

A teacher once tried to take my cell phone after she saw it outside of my purse. I wasn’t even using it I just had to take it out to get to something else. I refused to hand it over because I knew most cell phones that were taken away were either lost or damaged. I was sent to the office and still refused to hand the phone over. You know what they did? NOTHING! They just said to put it away and if I was caught with it out again I would be sent home for the day. Most people I knew always refused to allow their phones to be confiscated and the worst they ever got was suspended for a day and that was after swearing up a storm over the situation. Even kids that got in full on brawls in the school halls weren’t arrested.

The girl was later charged with trespassing because she returned to the school two days later during her suspension term.

So many morons in one story.


Linnnn said...
November 4, 2009 at 4:36 PM

The principal could've amped his street cred exponentially if he had simply called the girl's phone to see from where the ringtone emerged. And if she could've actually sent texts on her phone from the wedgie-place, THAT would've impressed me too. And finally, I will never borrow someone's cell phone again!

The Devil's Daughter-In-Law said...
November 5, 2009 at 11:04 PM

Many morons, indeed. Not the least of whom, in my opinion, are the parents who pay for their teenagers to have a texting feature on their cell phones. Seriously, why do teenagers need this?

AmyMusings said...
November 7, 2009 at 11:31 AM

HA! Sending texts on her phone from the wedgie-place!!

The principal's plan is going to backfire. Hiding the cell phone up the ass crack and getting caught for it is going to lead to future in-class texting bc no one is going to want to take her phone away from her now that they know where it has been.

That was brilliant. That girl is a strategist.

Jonathan said...
November 9, 2009 at 7:58 PM

I tend to agree with the video I saw on Youtube where a lecturer took a phone and smashed it.

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