Crosswalks are made for walking.


While out doing errands today I was sitting in the car waiting and happened to be right in front of two crosswalks. They were a good distance apart (don’t ask me how much because I’m horrible at guessing that) with cones lined up in the middle with the ‘must stop for pedestrians’ signs. They’re located right in front of a main entrance/exit to the store that gets quite a bit of traffic. The road connects the open parking lot with the parking garage so it too gets a lot of traffic going both ways. Obviously the crosswalks are there for a reason. So you can walk across safely without the cars crashing into you. Pretty simple right? Apparently not.

I was sitting in the car for probably 15 minutes or so and saw countless people come in and out of the store. I would say less than half of the people actually used the crosswalks. Instead, they would walk around them on the outside, or my personal favorite, walk BETWEEN the two crosswalks dodging around the cones/signs as if it were the signs that were out of place. I mean really? Can they not see the huge white lines painted on the ground with the words “crosswalk” painted inside? Obviously they can, but must feel that they are too good to walk where they’re supposed to. It’s even more insane when you watch them get frustrated at the drivers, who I always want to point out are doing exactly what they should be doing.

I know everyone is in a hurry to go nowhere, but why must we be assholes as we do it? People really do walk around as if they’re in their own little world and everyone else is just in their way. I saw people react to the giant orange cones with disgust when they had to sidestep them on their trip in between the two crosswalks. I then watched other people cross well down the street from the crosswalks and get angry that cars were driving in their way. Am I only one left in the world that actually walks where the crosswalks are? I mean if they were of no help they wouldn’t exist. Maybe that’s a very basic way to look at it but I think it makes sense. Drivers have to stop at the crosswalk to allow you to pass, so why would you cross somewhere else where they can just drive right by? I don’t get it.

For some reason while sitting in the car the song ‘Boots are made for walking’ popped in my head. I don’t even like that song but it came to my mind when I thought of the title. Then I changed it. I came up with a new version that I think should be posted on all the crosswalk signs and played over loudspeakers surrounding them.

“Crosswalks are made for walking, that’s just what you do,
One of these days these cars are gonna drive right over you.”

It’s sort of catchy. Guess my hubby isn’t the only one that makes up new lyrics. Except mine have nothing to do with a penis or someone’s unfortunate sex life.


Maureen said...
May 3, 2010 at 6:12 PM

Pedestrians can be silly but drivers are just as rude. I hate it when drivers sit out in the middle of the crosswalk when people are trying to cross, oh and one of my friends actually had a lady say to him, "I don't care what the sign says, I'll kill you!" Really.

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