Update on my disaster of a kitchen and our battle with Lowe’s.

I sort of have my kitchen back. More specifically I have a dishwasher that is where it belongs and works. What a concept huh? The plumber was able to do what he was hired to do and after running new water lines and capping off old ones he was able to install the new dishwasher to set us free from washing everything in the sink. All for the same amount we spent on the dishwasher itself. Oh joy.

The microwave still isn’t in yet since we could barely even access part of our kitchen with the mess that was going on and the plumbing issues were more important. Hopefully that will happen pretty soon too since it’s annoying not having it. I never realized how much we rely on our microwave until it’s been just sitting in my dining room in a box. Plus staring at a hole above the stove isn’t exactly appealing. Speaking of the stove, that thing is awesome! Look at my new best friend!


The two ovens make cooking multiple things at different temperatures a breeze. Plus having a flat cook top is now my favorite thing in the world. Our old stove still had those coils that were no longer level so things would gather to one side of the pan and cooking evenly was a serious trick. Now there’s no more pan rocking and everything is even and cooks faster. I’m in love.

As for our battle with Lowe’s, we can officially declare it over. We didn’t hear from a senior manager until after we put in a complaint with the district office. Only three hours later we received two phone calls from a store manager who suddenly seemed very eager to speak with us. He claimed that our report had been marked resolved which was why we never heard from him. He also claimed that there were no notes about a manager we spoke with on the first day who was extremely rude so he had no idea that conversation even happened. Whatever, we would have never heard from him if he hadn’t received a call from his district manager.

Anyway, to try to resolve the situation and leave us with good feelings about their store, they’re sending us a $200 gift card. It’s appreciated and obviously we’ll return to the store and use it, but I can’t guarantee we’ll always turn to Lowe’s for our household purchases in the future. Before this, we automatically went to Lowe’s for everything from seed and stone to appliances and painting items. Now, because of everything that happened and the fact that the store dragged it out for literally a week we probably won’t be as loyal to their company. That might change over time but as of right now that’s how we feel.

We still have two holes in our basement ceiling from where we had to cut to access the leaking water line.


Aren’t they pretty? I literally groan each time I go downstairs for something and have to see them. It’s never fun seeing holes where they don’t belong. I hate them. But they’ll be fixed soon too. Our washing machine is also good to go. The recall fix literally took the GE guy less than 2 minutes. All he had to do was put a cover over the wire so that if it ever broke it wouldn’t come in contact with the metal tub. It’s running as we speak as I attempt to catch up on laundry. I’ll be climbing laundry mountain for the next couple days. If I’m not back in a few days call in the search party.

PS: The things you guys say in the comments just makes me love you all! Saying you'll boycott a store on my behalf or that I should have been able to punch someone in the nuts are the kind of thing that make this blog soooooo worth it! You're awesome.


Little Girl Big Glasses said...
June 16, 2010 at 5:28 PM

Man, what a pain - congrats on having it over with. Well, except for the all the holes, anyway. A few years ago, we added an entire second story to our house, and while it would be great blogging material, I still have PTSD about it, and can't mention it without getting tremors calmed only by alcohol and looking at Dwell Magazine. (PS - I'll stay out of Lowe's for a few weeks on your behalf.)

Logical Libby said...
June 16, 2010 at 10:28 PM

I'm glad you at least got something for your trouble... You should have gotten to punch someone in the nuts too.

M. M. said...
November 12, 2010 at 11:29 PM

On the up side, your new stove looks amazing! I have never had a new appliance, ever. I am so jealous! But in a good way, I promise.

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